"With every new song I write, I grow into myself" Melissa Bollea Rowe

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for Melissa. She's an accomplished songwriter, publisher, performer and mentor who has earned her reputation of success over the years.  From hit songs to live gigs, songwriting seminars, one on one mentoring sessions and more,  Melissa continues to reach fans, artists and budding songwriters around the world with her distinct and dedicated passion for her craft. You can also find Melissa on her weekly podcast segment called “Talk Of The Row” hosted on Facebook live every Monday evening at 6pm with Brandon Morrell of “The Backstage Pass Powered By The Sports Guys.” (A grand slam of music & sports) and Rhyme Partners Music Page. 


Oh the places you'll go! Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. For example circa early 2000 jamming to the pop hit song "Story Of A Girl" by the band "Nine Days" never imagining that Melissa would have a song on the bands record someday but, that's exactly what happened! Grab your copy of "Snapshots" the Newest Nine Days record head for track 7 "Two Hearts Too Big" and there you'll find it. For more of Melissa's songwriter discography check out a partial list of artists below. You can also click the "learn more" link above to her companies web page "Rhyme Partners" to get an even more extensive look into the success's she's had in publishing with staff writers, brands, TV, film and more. "Gratitude doesn't even come close to what my heart feels each time a song of mine is recorded, whether it's an ad campaign, an indie artist or an artist on a major label, it's a truly magical journey hearing my songs on the radio and watching these crazy dreams unfold each and everyday." Melissa Bollea Rowe

Nine Days Band

Jimmy Charles

Tyler Stenson

Allie Colleen Brooks

Mary Sarah

Southern Halo

Brecken Miles

Rion Paige

Taylon Hope 

Joshua Scott Jones

Lexi Larson

Frankie Leonie

Denny Strickland

Abi Ann

Brinn Black

Trey Taylor

Deby Campbell

Ray Tarantino

Nicole Frechette

Amanda Lamb

Melissa Miller

Abbey Rowe

Alison Joy Williams

Catherine Roche

Jody Aaron

Quinn Boss

Nathan Belt

Roadside Relics

Nickel Draft

Tim Maggart

Dani Jamerson

Keyboard and Mouse


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Nashville, TN, USA

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